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Originally Posted by ViperTomcat View Post
This is awesome! However, folks there may be a few problems with your solutions. A gearing change would likely result in lower fuel economy all around. If it drops too low you will have to pay a GG tax. You have to pay to play.

My guess is a revised intake, tune and exhaust system.

Also, one thing about that C&D test? They tested another Mustang with the summer tires (not the "all season" tires) and it ran a 13.0 flat at 111. Basically they picked the slower time of the two. The Mustang simply has an advantage in most cases, lighter with just as much power to the wheels.
There is a loophole in the system that allows manufacturers to rate all vehicles the same mpg as long as the engine and trans are the same. You can use your highway gear model on the more efficient wheel/tire package for EPA testing and then give the magazines the 3.73 model with stickier rubber for testing. In fact, this is exactly what Ford did. Notice all the V8 M6 models are rated the same regardless of gear ratio?

Oh and power under the curve is what matters, so even if the Mustang puts out a similar PEAK power (at higher rpm) at the wheels, it is obviously not putting out equivalent average power or the SS wouldn't even stand a chance.
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