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Here is one Iím seeing a lot of now in Georgia.

You are in the slow lane with the speed control on doing about 5-7 over the speed limit. You look in the rear view mirror and notice a car coming up on you fast. Twenty seconds later the car is gone. You look over your shoulder and see that car is now just cruising in your blind spot. You look ahead and see that there is a car about half a mile ahead of you and at some point you are going to need to get in the fast lane.

Here is the nice part. The car in your blind spot is going to do everything they can to make you slow down and get behind them to pass this car ahead of you. (Sure you can gun it and possibly get a ticket for doing 30 mph over the speed limit.) Once you get behind them they will speed away to find the next car to inconvenience! This almost happens daily now.

Bad drivers for the most part are predictable and donít bother me too much. But these driver that go out of their way to inconvenience other drivers just gets my blood pressure up!
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