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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
In the left lane, at the speed limit , completely ****ing up the flow of traffic, cause nobody ****ing cares about anyone but them self here!
aaaaaand run red lights for about a minute plus after the light turns red....
never go through a green light on Long Island for at least 2 minutes...

Originally Posted by v6sonoma View Post
I think cherry needs the "bubble wrap" mod! lol Any word on when you get her back?
if I didn't care about my "cool".....maybe...
('course, if I didn;t care about my cool I'd just have any other car wouldn't I?)

Nope -- gotta call tomorrow and check on my baby -- see if the exhaust has made an's on the way so....just gotta get there....
I might die of excitement the day I get her back....if I's been a pleasure - tell everyone I said "BYYYYYE"
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