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I dunno...i don't usually comment in these things but this one... i like the idea of using the actual 67-69 to be a visual cue for the "conversion" - but really? a chrome bumper on the back of the car?

i'm allergic to stupid ideas and i get a sneezing fit when i see pictures of the chrome bumper on the back of the car.

the "beak" is meh. There shouldn't be a "beak" on the car -there wasnt on the original. why cant they just stick to modernizing the retro look instead of trying to add some wierd hawk design to the front end? the headlights really arent that bad, exhaust tips blend well and i actually think the rear taillights and whole rear area (minus the ass-crazy bumper) to be well blended with the car.

hate that they chopped the fenderwells to make 16" rims look more normal.. not sure about the hood. looks a little wierd - not that i think that nostrils dont work on it - just...too long for me.

they need to scale back on the "big ol bad bird" motif and just go with subtle but different..

at least thats my opinion...
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