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Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
Say what now? Part of the hockey stripe package?

Is this a hockey stripe package I don't know about?
- Xanthos

No it's still the same:

VYQ—Black Hood and Hockey Stripe
VYP—White Hood and Hockey Stripe
VYR—Cyber Gray Hood and Hockey Stripe

These packages get you the hockey stick stripes down the side of the car AND the large stripe down the hood and trunk AND the black stripe at the tailpanel. I believe that the back stripe is black regardless of which color your hockey stripe package is. The picture below shows the stripes you get when ordering LPO VYQ, VYP or VYR.

Since this is an LPO, you can tell the dealer which ones you would like to put on or leave off. They will also be available seperately.
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