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I had a heck of a week and a very hard Thursday at work. Took me 2.5 hours to commute into my office thru nasty LA Traffic! I had a meeting to attend that went OK. Afterwards "10-4" Magazine came to my office to interview my staff and take photos of our Class A trucks for an upcoming article in their magazine. That went OK although we had a couple of snags at the end of the photo shoot. So it was a 14 hour day and I am driving 2 hours home! More ugh traffic!! I log into and see an order status change on our Orange Krate again! That was a quick change from yesterday and very promising! So now I am stoked again and all of the days BS is behind me! I love this car and I don't even have it yet. Nothing like an attitude adjustment from just reading an update on the baby's status. We are now at 3300!! Sweet! Before long Orange Krate is going to have a VIN!

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