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Originally Posted by Jaysin View Post
Nice product. I ordered a sample.

Can it be clear coated?
The sample should go out Monday, you should have it toward the end of the week. Somebody asked on another forum we sponsored yesterday. I don't think clear coating it would work, we have not tried it. You could always try with the free sample and see how it goes.

Originally Posted by TaylorRyan74 View Post
Isn't this 3M DI NOC? It looks like it.
No, it is not 3M Di Noc, it is better and a for automotive uses a lot better choice.

Originally Posted by Cmlloveless View Post
Yea the only real difference I noticed on your site was that it says that this stuff can be removed without damaging what it was on. To me that sounds like it just doesn't stick as well...
No, what it means is that it wont damage what you apply it to when you go to remove it. If you apply 3M Di-Noc to say your roof or interior trim and then go to remove it down the road, you will likely damage what it was applied to. i.e pulling the paint off your roof...

Some of you may have heard of 3M's Architectural Finish called Di-Noc. We also looked into this but given what it was designed for along with its overall properties we determined it was not the best solution for automotive applications.

Originally Posted by mst504 View Post
A camaro body completely covered in carbon fiber would be so sick.
Sound like an ambitious plan, I know where you can get a lot of it

Originally Posted by Cmlloveless View Post
Oh P.S. That is a very nice Aston Martin, not sure why someone with the money for a car like that would want to put any kind of fake carbon fiber on it!!
The Aston Martin is a FIA GT race car being campaigned and sponsored by the manufacturer in Europe - this one was used in a show to show the application of the material on highly complex surfaces more info here

Originally Posted by Russo View Post
id like to do my roof in this

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.
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