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Originally Posted by SS Crush View Post
Not to be a whiner, but why the "RS" on the front...? I'd put the SS on there. I know it's going to take some Photoshop work or a replacement picture, but you can do it... I agree with the above poster... You can't learn graphic design. You either have it or you don't. You just learn to start off mocking other ideas to which eventually end up your own creation from all your own modifications. The hardest problem designers or "want to be designers" have is how to use color. That is one of the major things that is built into people or it is not.
IF you would look back at the VERY BEGINING of this thread, you would find out there was a contest.....the desing was voted on by the entire site.....the design you see is the design that WON. that is why. the person that won, has a SS. But that was the picture he used, not to mention, how many people that you are giving out cards to will even notice the difference. HOWEVER, I too have personally modified the cards color, put an SS on it, AND added a Mailslot on front as well. I have done this for many people on the sight.....its not a big deal. I personally don't like printing out the cards out of ACROBAT......If anyone that has MS WORD and would like a detailed instructions on how to make your cards in WORD, I would be glad to send you the instructions......or even have your card customized. Just send me a PM.

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