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Post Camaro Carbon Wrap Roof Size

Originally Posted by TaylorRyan74 View Post
I tried doing my roof with 3M DI NOC a couple months ago but it was too hard. It did not damage the paint when I removed it. I think the 3M is probably just as good, but this stuff seems like it is a little cheaper. I paid $150 for a roll that was barely big enough for the roof.
Update: I just measured the roof of the Camaro for those that are interested, I am not surprised you has so much trouble with 3M's material. 3M is limited to 48 inches wide where ours comes 54" wide, and by our standards 48" wide would not be wide enough to adaquetly work with the material on a Camaro roof application.

The necessary size is 54" wide by 60" (5 feet) long
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