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Originally Posted by BRNLKY2 View Post
They better not have 2 v-6 engines for this car. You want three engines; Camaro RS gets a v-6, Camaro Z-28 gets the LS2, Camaro SS gets the LS3. This should not be a car for family based, middle aged women who are tying to hold on to some false self image they hold of themselves. If GM turns this into a bitch car I will have officially lost what little,if any, respect I have for Bob Lutz. Hey Bobbie, you are 5 years late to the ball, you better make a hell of an entrance when you finally show up.
Hellofa first post there. Welcome to the site, and I feel that we need not worry that this becomes a 'girly car', though it may attract the ladies . . .
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
Originally Posted by FbodFather
My sister's dentist's brother's cousin's housekeeper's dog-breeder's nephew sells coffee filters to the company that provides coffee to General Motors......
........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

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