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Originally Posted by rikelme90 View Post
the car that passes it is a 370z. the headlights look like it. and the car in the back kinda looked like a stang but it maybe is the m6.
Its not a 370z, its the Lexus LFA. And I think it's the M6 cuz the front fascia is different than the gt500 and there is no spoiler like the gt500.

Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Good eye MileMan402!!

See what I get for taking it for granted? LMAO
I did see where you were coming from though, from what I could tell it look a bit like a M6, the grille area was a little blurry to me so had I recognized that I would have been right there with ya.

That M6 reminds me of the 2005 2006 GTO's...
I've never really been a fan of the M6. I like the M3 and the M5 a lot.
Yeah I'm a big fan of M3's....actually the 3-series is about the only beamers I really like
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