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Originally Posted by BRNLKY2 View Post
They better not have 2 v-6 engines for this car. You want three engines; Camaro RS gets a v-6, Camaro Z-28 gets the LS2, Camaro SS gets the LS3. This should not be a car for family based, middle aged women who are tying to hold on to some false self image they hold of themselves. If GM turns this into a bitch car I will have officially lost what little,if any, respect I have for Bob Lutz. Hey Bobbie, you are 5 years late to the ball, you better make a hell of an entrance when you finally show up.
Wow! Well, welcome.

But please remember that, if this doesn't appeal to families, then it's not going to sell. If it doesn't sell, then it'll be killed, if it's killed then nobody will have respect for GM...

Don't worry, there will be 2 V6's. That's the only item I've seen all the execs agree on. the v6's WILL apeal to families, and young people (women, and men included). And we will have our V8. it'll be'll be scary...and Camaro will live again!

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that this isn't going to be an enthusiast's car. It'll give us what we want, but the bulk of Camaro sales will rely on those who want V6's. And offering 2 v6 variations will even more broadly appeal to those folks...
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