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I'm not one to Jump on the coach bandwagon nor have I ever dont that in the past. I was always the one who said give him another year we have enough problems however this time I cant.

Wade Phillips and OFF cordinator Jason Garrett need to both GO

This team needs disipline.

Funny how last season Dallas kicks most everyone's A$$ then they get to the vikings and there Right tackle ( one of the most important positions on the line ) goes down. New guy comes in and everyone is left to do there job and the guy next to them which turned out to be a Loss and a butt kicking. Our Qb had no blocking Runningbacks had no blocking ETC.

This year we release our best offensive lineman ( RT ) Yes he was the #2 penalty guy on the team but he was the best to say the least so lets go to St louis and Bring in the #1 penalty guy in the league

Dallas is one of the best teams in the nation on paper......

This team needs a clean start to many people Stressed this year I hope we lose every dam game left however in the draft I want to get a GREAT Right Tackle and a few more lineman.

This team needs blocking !!!!!!!!!!

In the 90's we kicked all of yall's A$$es how ? We had the best line out there and when they got tired we had the best backup lineman out there.......
which blocked for Troy , Emmitt , Moose and Etc

There you have it we lost our best franchise lineman in over 10 years and the line is Lost which means Romo had no time , Rb's dont have much blocking and last but not least no disipline Stupid pentalties have killed this team which cost the team a few games in the final scoring Drive in which they would have won if it wasnt for the stupid penalties.

Oh and By the way people think jones has control of this team lol
Jones isnt on the sideline , Jones isnt in the locker room much thats why he looks stressed isnt in there and cupcake isnt doing anything at all which agrivates him.
In the past he couldnt stay out of the lockerroom and the sidelines every game ( parcells broke that ) as bad as I hate to say it the problem isnt
JJ its the headcoach and the disipline.

Putting the blame on the owner is just another normal thing Dallas Fans and other Fans do since so many dont care for him since he Ran tom Landry and jimmy Johnson out of town and he throws the money he wipes his ass on around like water lol I'm not a huge fan of JJ as a person but he is a business man and if he wants to throw money around then throw the money I gave him around lol

( This team was hyped to make the SB in which they started to beleive the media on how great it was going to be the coaching never brought them back down to Earth )

enjoy it and Brag all you want through out the league Because you know soon or later Dallas will be winning again lol Take advantage as you will because it can only get better from here......

JJ knows his pocket is full of what our fans give him on a weekly basis time to get another Coach who wants to make some $$$$$$$$$ Holiday season is coming who wants the big present
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