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Originally Posted by BackinBlackSS/RS View Post
How about starting with Mr. Jones. When he has complete control they suck. When Jimmy Johnson had control it was super bowls.

Originally Posted by 2001ragtop View Post
Why did the Cowboys do so good last year but not this year?

The same guys are all there.
NFC sucked last year. Few good teams and imposters drop.
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Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
I'm not one to Jump on the coach bandwagon nor have I ever dont that in the past. I was always the one who said give him another year we have enough problems however this time I cant.

Wade Phillips and OFF cordinator Jason Garrett need to both GO

This team needs disipline.
Hell, even Buffalo knew well enough to fire his ass.
Originally Posted by BackinBlackSS/RS View Post
Hey, if your happy just being a money making machine then have at it. He should keep his expertise on money making and keep his nose out of coaching. Select the RIGHT people and leave them alone to do their job.
Couldn't agree more.

Look at the teams with the most owner involvement. Dallas, Redskins, Raiders.

Nuff said.
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