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Rebates on the other brands are playing a big part in this downward trend for the camaro but i will also say that the market for all of the pony cars are going to settle out soon at some level. Remember, the camaro sales started very strong due to pent up demand. The camaro is doing a lot with only a V6 and a V8 model compared to the mustangs 6 models in their lineup. That will change with the 2 'vert models coming and at least 1 Z/28 model with the possibility of a 'vert Z/28 a distant possibility in the future we hope.

I also think that the confirmed interior upgrade for the '12 model year is probably keeping a lot of folks who are in the know on the sidelines to see that change come thru along with other mid model year cycle upgrades before the next generation camaro comes in the '14/'15 model year.

I am on the fence myself awaiting the Z/28's arrival. It's been very, very, very HARD not to pull the trigger since the camaro's launch. When i feel weak and about to abandon my plan, I just usually go and test drive one from the local rental agency or from one of my local stealership that a good friend works as a salesman for an overnight keep or longer. The wife want's me to go ahead and get a SS but i told her the Z/28 is what i want.
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