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Here are few points (IMO) that basically summarize why Mustang is doing better now.
1) The Camaro is slowly loosing its looks appeal, meaning that just six months ago people were willing to buy the Camaro just because it will turn heads, now with too many of them on street, they dont turn as much heads as they used to.
2) The Mustang doesnt turn heads at all, but people now are considering the performance advantage that the Mustang has, and probably think that the better performance provided by the Mustang is a better deal than the few turning heads provided by the Camaro
3) Mustang has 3 engine choices, Camaro only have two.
4) Mustang has convertibles, Camaro doesn't
5) Mustang has more OEM accessories than the Camaro (I dont understand why the Camaro doesnt have a lot of OEM accessories, and no performance accessories at all, even the CAI by GMPP is scrapped so far)
6) Ford offers more options that are available for the Mustang, including a class exclusive glass roof.
Since the launch of the Camaro in 09, I've been dreaming of buying this car and finally today is the day. ORDER PLACED on 05/18/2010 for 2011 2LT CGM
(3300) Order scheduled for production, TPW 06/14/2010 [05/26/2010]
(3400) Order broadcast [06/15/2010]
(3800) Order produced [06/18/2010]
Available to ship from Osh [06/17/2010]
In-Transit from Osh [06/29/2010]
Available to ship from rail yard [07/08/2010]
Delivered [07/12/10]
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