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Thought I'd give my take on the install and a few things I did differently.

Nineball must be a magician cause I found no way to comfortably take OEM the bar out, without prying on some stuff that I didn't feel comfortable prying on. The AC and oil lines would only move so much. I even took the OEM bushings off and still couldn't comfortably get it out. The bushings aren't too bad if you do it them right. I used the biggest flathead screwdriver I had and started on the side. Put the screwdriver tip between the bushing and outter casing and twist up. This forces the clamp up and off the bushing. Repeat as needed on both sides. I was amazed at how tight they were on there. Onto the extraction. There are two big nuts/bolts staring you right in the face that are the bottom of the motor mounts. Loosen both up to the the last few threads, without taking them off. The oil pan is cast so I put a 2x4 on my floor jack and jacked up the engine from the oil pan. I didn't have to jack it all the way up, but just enough to get the bar out, about an 1-1.5in. I had my son manning the jack as I maneuvered the bar. Once up enough, the bar slid right out with a little bit of twisting. Slid the new one in and lowered the engine. Had I done this first, it would have been a hour job tops. I"m not so sure you'd even have to remove the bushings and clamps but it makes it MUCH easier and one less thing to snag on something as you remove it.

I followed Nines instructions up this point but I did mine in my garage, on jackstands.

I'll also confirm that the Pfadt sticker is on upside down when the bar is installed. It made me stop and think for a second and look everything over to see if I installed it wrong. The rear sticker is fine though.
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