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Originally Posted by EllwynX View Post
I sent a message to a couple local dealers inquiring about their stance on dealer markup.

I've only heard back from one so far-

Bennett Chevrolet
6721 Black Horse Pike
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

This was my response from them regarding Dealer Markup-

Thanks for your request in regards the 2009 Camaro. It is our policy to limit our pricing on "hot" products to the actual MSRP. We do have a small waiting list. $500.00 deposit required. Cars will be offered in order of Deposit.

So, I had to ask about that deposit (I know a lot of people don't think we should put down a deposit, but I had to ask). My followup eMail was this-

Thank you very much for the information.

I do have a couple questions now though.

1- Does this deposit hold whatever vehicle arrives on the lot? Or does it guarantee the ability to order to my own specifications? (I personally wish to order my Camaro.)

2- Is this deposit refundable if, when details are released, the buyer decides to wait a bit longer to purchase? Or, God forbid, they decide they are unhappy with the production model and don't wish to purchase at all?

Thank you again,

And, lastly, their response to that-

The deposit secures your place in the allocation process, The Camaro would be ordered to your specifications baring any factory restrictions. The deposit is 100% refundable, we will not hold you to the car if itís not as expected.

Thanks again for your interest.
Well this is good to know, i live in NJ and would prefer not traveling out of state to pick one of these bad boys up, however I must warn you about the deposit, it is much easier for them to say sure the deposit is refundable now then when you come in 6 months after you dropped it off requesting it back. Their GM will probably not sign off on it immediately and you won't be issued it back in cash, nor will a check probably be cut on the spot. Dealers don't like giving money back, especially deposits, i used to work for a Ford dealership and they would give customers the run around when attempting to give a deposit back.
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