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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
lol you guys should drive by schools as kids are getting out, kids were yelling look its an orange bumblebee when i drive by. l went with IOM and yet many, many kids go biserk calling it bumblebee. Kids get so excited when they see a camaro going down the road. Ive pulled over and let kids sit inside before. Gota share the Camaro passion.
You guys would have a fied day if you drove your transformers editions by schools as they are getting out! Good Stuff

I work at a Middle School and I got my car back in the Spring of 2009. When the kids first saw my car back in 2009 (1st 2010 Camaro any of them had ever seen) you can only imagine the reaction.
Now, even after 1.5 years, the kids still love the car.

And even though my car is VR, I always get lots of Transformer comments.
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