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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post

That, and I want to see what members who aren't banned or have more than 6 posts have to say.
Ummm... now, now!!!.. a man should not be judged by the size of his........ posts!!!

What grades of petrol do you have over there??

We basically have 2 here.... Regular Unleaded 95ron and Super Unleaded at 97-99ron.... recently we've got things like BP Ultimate 102 which is 102ron... but it's £2.42 / $4.93 per litre (about £10.89 / $22.20 per gallon).. not sure how many people use this as it's bloody expensive... it was created more for use on track days.

A bit more on topic:

Lotus have been working on sports car running on E85 with pretty good results...
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