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According to GMs investor site GM produced 129,405 Camaros through the entire MY10 (April end of month '09 to June 7th 2010). Quick math using the chart shows only 100,306 Camaros were sold as of 3 June 2010 leaving 29k units were unsold when MY11 started. Oshawa operates at around 10k units produced a month (440-450 per day). Cutting production for a few months would help to remedy the over produced Camaro.

As far as incentives go, you will never see the MSRP drop once it is established by the manufacture. Once profits begin to turn, manufactures offer "cash back" instead of altering the original MSRP. It's a play of words, consumers would be put off if the sticker suddenly dropped $2000 vs. a Cash back bonus. Incentives say that the manufacture sold enough units to cover the cost of research & development, initial cost of production/personnel retrains and plant and factory prep is all paid in full and we (Ford) are making a profit.

I received a $2000 rebate on my 2011 GT in 8 March before the vehicles details were made public... incentives are just MSRP adjustments masked as bonuses. 0% financing on the otherhand is a tool used to clear remaining stock at the end of the model year.

Sales are everything and only second place to profit. GM needs to clean house, limit production temporarily, shorten MY11 and introduce MY12 changes late so nobody holds out. Left over stock will kill them in the long run, Ford sold the 76k Mustangs they produced and made profit. GM will be moving 2010 Camaros until April 2011 at this rate.
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