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Originally Posted by Power Junkie View Post
Ummm... now, now!!!.. a man should not be judged by the size of his........ posts!!!

What grades of petrol do you have over there??

We basically have 2 here.... Regular Unleaded 95ron and Super Unleaded at 97-99ron.... recently we've got things like BP Ultimate 102 which is 102ron... but it's 2.42 / $4.93 per litre (about 10.89 / $22.20 per gallon).. not sure how many people use this as it's bloody expensive... it was created more for use on track days.

A bit more on topic:

Lotus have been working on sports car running on E85 with pretty good results...
I'll be honest, I'm not sure what 'ron' is in comparison to our Octane ratings...but if you know, then we've got 87, 91, 93 where I'm at.

Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
The availability of E85 is its killer.. there are about 1200 e85 stations in the united states... and specifically for me anyway 0 in Arizona. I did a college paper about this topic..

It can be up to $200,000.00 for a regular gas station to retrofit so they can carry and dispense e85 thats part of the reason for the lack of interest by businesses..

The whole problem is.. consumers don't see a reason buy a e85 car unless there are e85 stations.. but businesses wont retrofit until they can return the investment in equipment. The old chicken before the egg scenario...
We're supposed to be getting a massive E85 plant here, I hope. So within 10 years, I can't see why E85 wouldn't be readily available to us. However - you're right. Availability is not good for E85 right now. Being in it's "early" stages, though, I'm hoping that like here - E85 will grow in availability to places that can use it. It's not a universal solution, but untill electric vehicles gain power, and advance more - I see it as the only solution for gas trucks.
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