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Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
I would like to chime in on this. Wasn't there an article on this forum (or was in Car and driver) about GM doing some current work on a Cadillac CTS engine with DIG Direct Injection Gas engines getting great performance with the E85 gas?
The VVT DI V6 doesn't have E85 capability...not sure why either... But it does get better mileage and fuel economy. 27hwy which is very good in a massive car like the CTS, especially under the new EPA ratings.

Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
This coupled with the Active Fuel Management system would offer great gas milage and performance! The vette has Acitve Fuel Management and gets 27MPG.
Not anymore, . The new Vette no longer gets AFM, and under the new EPA standards, it has 26mpg, which is an improvement, the old way had it rated at 27 so....

I also think there may have been a slight misconception, here...E85 actually worsens fuel economy, it can provide more performance, but at the price of fuel economy...

i.e. Chevy Impala:

3.9L V6 VVT and AFM: 18/28 mpg
same engine running E85: 13/20 mpg

it's only major selling point at this time is it burns clean.
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