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Before you build it GM, Dont make the same mistake twice...

If you build us another Camaro, I will not buy the car if you dont offer a solid rear axle .

Currently own a 2004 GTO and I will never buy another "muscle car" with independent rear suspension. Bad wheel hop, and NO whole shot!! Radically stiff rear shocks on the GTO are lousy for driving. The poor independent suspension makes the car ride like a go-cart in the rear. The stiff shocks were obviously the attempt to reduce the bad wheel hop - but it doesnt work. It only rides hard.

MY 69 Z was THE car. We all buy these cars to do a little "DragRacing" and at the track the Goat wont hook-up.

Go back to the old style of building a car. Let us choose what options we want so all the cars have their "special" look or options.

When I "ordered" my 69. It was was one of a few that had "deleted" options. I ordered the car with the "front air dam" deleted and the "rear spoiler" deleted. Ordered 410 gears, Vinyl Roof, upgraded interior, delete guages. I never seen another one like it.

If GM is planning on only building 100,000 of these they better make it so we can order one that is as special now, as it was then. IN 69 I recall there were almost 480,000 built. Then they killed the car by running a new ugly body style, and called it a 70 and a half! It was the EDSEL of the 70's.

Build two versions. One with a performance package "solid axle rear end differential" and the other junk independent rear suspension. Otherwise I'll be one of the first generation Z owners, that won't buy the new model.

I leased the GTO with the intention of buying it, if I liked it. I don't, so I will turn it in next year in Oct 2007.

I Will BUY a new Z IF the suspension is right. But if its the same as the GTO. Not interested!!!

Learn from your mistakes GM. Don't take this YOUNG generation for granted by building a car that can't be drag-raced on weekends! Otherwise you will end up with every one you build with poor resale value, just like the overpriced GTO's! AND the Camaro will die again!

GIVE us who know better - what we want! We dont buy cars in AMERICA with big horsepower to ride to church! On SUNDAYS were on our way to the TRACK!

Get it?
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