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Originally Posted by Rockin the BlueSS View Post
With more and more intakes being developed and available for camaros we have a huge number of options. Some of the intakes require that the windshield wiper reservoir be removed, such as my ADM Race Intake, and I believe the fastlane intake and I saw one more the other day that came with a cheap tank for a replacement. Since my car is a daily driver i wanted to have a smaller reservoir just in case i really needed to wash my windshield so this is what i did...

i used a cheap catch can turned it upside down and attached the pump to the bottom, made a bracket that mounted off the air box, extended the plug and voila! a nice looking relocated wiper reservoir.

A bro just ordered my ADM Race intake. and im lookin for a washer bottle replacement. i really like ur idea. Do you sell them?? and how much $ ??

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