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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
Well, don't plan on seeing a solid rear axle on the new Camaro. It's pretty certain that it'll have an independent rear, about 99.9%.

As for an under selling Camaro, I doubt that will happen. A big reason for the GTO's demise was the styling, or lack there of. Yes, it performed well, and the interior was very well executed, but people couldn't get past the exterior.

Based on reactions from people seeing the concept, GM has a BIG hit on their hands. For those who want to drag race their Camaro's, I'd bet there will be aftermarket companies offering all the necessary hardware.

Interior is nice but head room is bad. Pedal postions are bad. Unless youve owned both... you cant under stand.

As far as aftermarket companies having traction cures... forget it. There is nothing good available for GTO'S. Dont count on it for Camaros.
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