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1. More than one person here has heard they are working on the headroom.
2. Pedal postions being bad? First I've heard of it. Moose, you sat in it. How was the pedal position?
3. I guarantee you aftermarket companies will have a cure for wheel hop. How can I put this... You're talking about the 5th Gen Camaro, not a redesigned foreign car. There's nothing good for GTO's for a reason. I'm not saying they are crappy. I like the design, but have even heard a GM employee say, "What the hell were they thinking when they called it a GTO???" GTO's never caught on because it wasn't a GTO...It was a rebadged car. GM already has numerous companies knocking at their doors begging to be an aftermarket company on the 5th Gen. Do you really think that this could be a potential problem GM hasn't thought about? I'm not worried about it. And, I don't know about others, but I'm not going to spinning my tires so much that I have to buy new treads every 6 months. I'll take the IRS in a heartbeat.
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