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Originally Posted by BRNLKY2
My bad......I tend to start at that line most people don't want to cross. No Big deal, we all tend to do it.

I realize to catch up with the "one horse show" they will have to sell alot of pinks and blues, but damn......if it won't stomp a mustang or challenger hands down, it will be like......well the CUBS going to the playoffs.
Oh, it will. "...Plant an old man's ass in the seat." ~fbodfather Hope we are talking about the car and not the playoffs.

...I loved my 98' SS for the simple fact that I never worried about a Mustang at a stop light.
That might be due in part to the fact it's an SS. Would you feel the same way if it was a V6 of the same year? Why in the hell would you buy a V-6 Camaro. Thats like an 18" baseball bat........sure the concept is there but not very functional.
I guess only time will tell. I hate leaving my happiness and bliss in the hands of Bob Putz.
FYI, it's almost all thanks to him that Camaro is back...and we like him, 'Putz' doesn't sit well with me (but who am I?)Ok I get it he's the hero....go back three years when HE said retro cars were a fad and he would never endorse one. You maybe right he brought it back, but the delay is definately on him.
The GTO didnt fail because it was too expensive......It was ugly. It looked like a dodge avenger. My mom loved it, as did the rest of the soccer moms. A bad ass engine in a mid 90's Monte Carlo isnt going to sell to a generation of men that think round imports are crap. If you go back and look at the origional shop dwgs.
Not true. The GTO has been complimented on it's looks, by magazines, and car review sites alike. The onlything against it was that it probably could have gone without the "GTO" badge. Its problem was overpricing, and poor product placement.You are right the car was a 97-02 two door Grand Prix They miscalculated where the majority of the limitedly produced cars should go, so those who wanted to buy them, couldn't, and those who didn't want to, didn't. The Goat was a baddass car, and though my first impression was..."that's a GTO?" I soon realized that the name doesn't make a car, the bottom line was that it flew!
Thank you Bob Putz for letting bean counters ruin a great American Car.
Again, that's not nice.Again, sorry didnt realize he was "The Man" around here.
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