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"Maximum Bob"...He is the man...

and Scott was talking about the Camaro(not the playoffs), that's why I'm not worried.

I wouldn't necessarily buy a V6 Camaro, only because I fell in love with the American V8 long ago...but to others(especially younger buyers), it's a sharp looking car they want...not the insane power numbers. I say insane, because that's what they are (V8's), the V6's of today have respectible hp numbers: (3.9 w/ 250 +/-, and especially the 3.9 w/DI 300 +/-) :eek:

Plus, not everybody has the insurance, or the money upfront to purchase a V8 Camaro (or any V8 car). That's a good thing, because it's those people who will be making up the majority of Camaro buyers.

And, to finish my rant...V6 Camaro, V8 Camaro, V12 Camaro, I4 camaro...does it matter? A Camaro is a Camaro - and when it comes right down to it, it's the name and the heritage that people remember and cherish initially, not the engines.
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