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Originally Posted by Tiberious View Post
While I was jazzed to order tomorrow, I found out from my salesman that the breakdown in allocation prevents him from ordering mine for another week or so. So at least I'll see all the L.A. Autoshow stuff before I pull the trigger on this.

Several deep disappointments from GM (lack of new paint/exclusion of Synergy Green, no automatic/hard tonneau cover, no SEMA models available, etc) have dulled but not sated my desire to own one.


As per CamaroScotty, the SEMA Synergy series is available in the convertible. See below...

Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post


1LT $30,000
2LT $33,500
1SS $37,500
2SS $40,500

(w/$850 DFC)

LA Autoshow - official unveiling -

am/fm antenna in spoiler std in SS available in LT with RS

trunk lock cyl inside

fixed rear seat
rear windows go down
molded in color door sills

7th speaker added (8" subwoofer)

Canvas top....less fading & more durable. Made in Bowling Green, same company as vette.
no ribs showing, still a coupe-like design

Coupe-like driving feel, with suspension & body supports. Performance times .2 seconds within coupe specs.

top has acustic panels for a quiet ride.

Production early January - shipping late January

NOV 18th FIRST DATE TO ORDER SOLD ORDERS! Must have allocation to get an order built - Through March....After March orders will be for 2012 units.


ALL have back up assist

Single handle release, like Corvette

Top Cover included with 2LT & 2SS
__________________________________________________ ____

Synergy: 2LT, 2SS RS - VR, CGM, White, Black.

Red stitching, unique striping

Q1 availability for ordering - Coupe or convertible
__________________________________________________ ____
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