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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
A big reason for the GTO's demise was the styling, or lack there of. Yes, it performed well, and the interior was very well executed, but people couldn't get past the exterior.
True enough about the exterior, but I didn't buy mine based on looks (and since I spend my time IN the car, the interior works well for me). I ordered a GTO based on a test drive performed at an AutoShow in Motion event. The way I was able to thrash it around the course told me that this vehicle would be what I wanted to drive in the local twisties.

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
I like the design, but have even heard a GM employee say, "What the hell were they thinking when they called it a GTO???" GTO's never caught on because it wasn't a GTO...It was a rebadged car.
Yes - it was a rebadged Holden Monaro, and I'm more than happy to point this out to anyone who doesn't know that the GTO is an Australian import (it says inside the driver's door "MFD BY HOLDEN LTD"). I've always been a bow-tie girl and not a fan of Pontiac, so the fact that it was rebadged, redesigned Holden was another selling point for me. (Wouldn't it be cool if GM could bring the Ute design back as the El Camino? )

Originally Posted by Moose View Post
You would think headroom would be [poor] from the looks of it, but I'm 5'11" and fit just fine. Also, Scott, who is about 6' if not taller, was sitting in it and he seemed OK too.
I'm glad to hear about this - I'm 5'10" and hate the idea of having my head too close to the roof.

Geez - I can't wait for this car to be built!!!

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