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Exclamation 2012 Camaro Z28: Possible Factory Delivery Option??

If an ordering option existed for the possible upcoming Z28 where you could pick up your Camaro from the factory, what do you think should be included with this option and what price would you be willing to pay?

Some examples could include...
  1. All build documents...
  2. Pictures of your car being built along the line...
  3. Tour of the plant...
  4. Getting the opportunity to help build your car in one fashion or another...
  5. Taking your new Z28 to the Mosport International Raceway for some one on one driving lessons after pickup...

If you are interested in buying a Z28, I'd love to hear your input on a possible "pick up and delivery from the plant" option. This would be similar to the pick up and delivery of a new corvette from the Bowling Green Assemply Plant and museum.

Please try not to get unrealistic with your ideas (ie: option costs $300 and you get to build the engine, and everything else possible). Let's figure the option to be around .....say....$1,500.00 to try to keep it reasonable....I mean...with all build paperwork, type of tour, etc, and all (if it were possible).

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