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If I were to get the Z28...I'm thinking I'd be about tapped as far as $$ goes. So an extra $1500 for a delivery option would be out of the question.

I think the Corvette's factory delivery is something like $450? If I remember right, that's a tour of the plant, and a museum pass, too. If paperwork and pictures could be added in there for a small amount more ($50-$100)...somewhere in that $550-600.00 range could be doable, and really cool, too!!

I think the ZR1 comes with a "learn to drive your car" feature with every purchase just because of that vehicle's insane abilities. If anyone bought a Z28 and wanted to take a performance driving course (highly advised, imo), they could probably opt for it themselves, instead of getting a 'factory option'.

My .02...any more expensive than $600.00, and I think it becomes a passed-over option in favor of some other things.
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