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Originally Posted by Russell James View Post
Corvette does it at Bowling Green, but there is a huge ripoff in the deal. You still have to pay the destination charge, even though you picked it up yourself at the plant.

I would do a pick up at the Camaro plant for my next Camaro, but only if they knock off the $850 destination charge. I'm not paying nearly a grand for something that did not occur.
It is not a ripoff. It is a contract with the shipping company. They deliver the cars anywhere for the same price, whether it be 2 or 2000 miles from the factory.

If you could get an $850 discount by taking delivery at the NCM, the shipping company would lose a lot of money.

There will never be a museum or delivery option for the Camaro. Very few customers are in Canada or willing to go to Canada to pick up their car.
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