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I really would LOVE to have an option to do something like this.

GM's hosting an "open house" at all their plants across the nation for people to come in and learn something about the company/people/products. So I don't think that "never" will hold seems they're slowly breaking down all those barriers and coming around.

Being there while my car was built...talking to the people who put it together...driving it home...would DEFINITELY be worth it.....if the price is right. Having thought about it a little more, I still think $1500 would be way too much. Especially considering the cost of a plane ticket/driving/passport that somebody brought up. Hadn't thought of that...

Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
Such as what........driving it across the street?? Give me a friggin break, I'll drive it across the street for a few bucks. I stand by my original statement, too many people (companies included) expect to be paid as though it was their divine right for something they don't do. I don't care if it's the unions fault or people in general, if you can't see that then my sympathy goes out to you. People will be in for a rude awakening one day when their "right" to payment goes away.
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