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Originally Posted by MarylandSpeed View Post
Lets get some customer feedback..

What would you rather have? Great every day pricing...or coupon codes? Reason I ask, is I see people asking if there is a Camaro5 coupon code like they don't want to buy unless there us one. I could do something like that, but to make it work margin wise, it would result in higher website price on many items. Currently we price everything competitively, and when we can save customers extra, we just run a sale.

We rarely do coupon codes because it adds a layer of complexity to ordering, and also makes people feel like unless they have a coupon code, they are missing a deal.
Most coupon codes expire or are only for certain things so, if I had to chose, I would most definitely go with every day low prices.

If there was a coupon code I will certainly use it but it wouldn't be a deal breaker if you are already the best price/customer service.

That being said, forgive us if we ask! We just want a few extra bucks to buy MORE stuff!!
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