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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Valdosta. Seems like we were just here.
Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
We have arrived at our destination. Need to get some dinner after today's driving pleasure.

All I can say is all of you guys that have been holding out for the will be worth the wait.
Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Just got back from Clearwater Beach. Met up with Camaro X and his family so they could see the car. I'll let him post up his impressions. He has a sweeeeeeeet IOM with some nice mods, including a back up camera and monitor.

But I will say this, driving down there and back with the top down, all I am thinking is how hard it would be to sell the Sky. This car is just such an awesome cruising machine. Top down, 72 degrees, music on and Mrs. Number 3 in the passenger seat makes for a very nice ride indeed. By the way Mrs. Number 3 thinks this is a weenie mobile because it has an automatic transmission.

You may not like convertibles, but there is no way anyone that comes to this web site wouldn't love to drive this car on a nice night like tonight. Simply a joy.

Solid, wind buffeting not much more than the nice warm Florida breeze, I am liking this car verrrrry much!!!!!!

Hmmmm, seems like you mad awfully good time. So good to see you on the road again with another awesome car. Thanks again for stopping by VA on your way. Have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy the car and have a safe and wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing the car with all of us.
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