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I understand your requirements and agree with you but there are no cars out there that will meet this criteria unless you are going out of the Retro Muscle car category. Even in a sport sedan I can only think of a few and they are in a much higher price category.
I have a 69 camaro vert I got in 79 and am in the same age range (well slightly older). Good luck in your search I just don't think you are going to find a car like you are looking for without sacrificing something.

Originally Posted by AGLAT View Post
FWIW -- My first car was a '68 camaro with a 327 and a Hurst 4 speed, back in 1981. I'm 45 now, and I really like the modern retro design of the new camaros. I was seriously ready to buy the new convertible if it met all of my critical requirements: independent rear suspension, rear wheel drive, tight chassis, glass rear window, soft top, hard tonneau cover, usable trunk, 4 seats.

It meets all of the above requirements except for the hard tonneau cover. It's a shame, I was really liking this car.

Note that I am not interested in any of the hard top convertibles, primarily because I drive with the top down 90% of the time and need a usable trunk.

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