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Originally Posted by Caspers2SSRS View Post
George, Your incredible shifters and the time you've taken, energy and expence to design, build and supply them is worthy of many Kudo's. In time as it allows I'd like join the ranks of other who are appreciative of the opportunity and purchase one as well. Have you considered building one where the swiches are internally mounted and controlled by having the upper portion of the shifter handle alone articulate to the left and right. Once Again Thank You......... Dave/Casper
Hi Dave. Here is the scoop. In re-designing the shifter (unlike the first version) I came up with some very simple yet innovative design features that allow a lot of flexibility in design capabilities. I have been working on a shifter as you are describing and it functions properly, some more testing to combine shifter function with switch function is needed and is in the very near future.
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