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Nitrous kit off my 2011 camaro..

Ok got this kit that I put together for my Camaro.. Comes with the big NX solenoids, a cmall nitrous outlet purge, setup to come out around the front bottom corner of the windshield.. Custom solenoid bracket and lines that hook up to your stock fuel rail..

Has a 15lb bottle, from NX with a full time pressure gauge mounted on board..

Also comes with a NX maximizer III, which is a high end WOT switch/ progressive controller..

YOu can use this as a 1st gear lock out, you can use it to ramp in and out nitrous, aswell as control another stage if you so desire..

I am asking 800 shipped..

this took my 114mph car, to a 123mph car, didnt even full out any timing, although i probly would not recomend doing the same, because I hurt 3 plugs in the process.
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