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Max is running zex and 21 fuel jet with no tune on an otherwise stock car. With his proper afr, thats a 100 shot. He dynoed at 344rwhp and torque is unknown. His afr was dialed right in at 11.7. If they are using a 19 fuel jet, its a 75 shot, a 21 is a 100 shot and a 24 fuel jet is 125. I made about 100rwhp with my 24 fuel jet. Hope this helps and its up to them to pull their afr up with the correct nitrous jet to max their horsepower. On traditional V6 motor, a 100 shot would use a 26 fuel jet. Ya prolly know this but a 100 shot should give you 100 extra hp at the crank. Max is running a stick and they run about 260 rwhp stock so ya can see where Im going with all this!?.

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