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First Camaro Impressions (Pictures Included) --- Red Jewel Tintcoat!

Well, I found a 2010 camaro in ARKANSAS?! THe most unpopular state ever, and there was a camaro there. I caught it moments before it got shipped off. But there was about 15 people taking pictures. Even the dealers were taking pictures! Now, when people say it looks better in person they are not kidding!! It looks so nice and sleek. I was impressed by it. I did not get to see interior they would not let you but let me tell you. It's probably the nicest car I have seen in a while. That is a unbiased statement for those of you that know there is a camaro nearby GO SEE IT., I could wait another year for this car now that I have seen it. As long as it gets better I don't mind the wait now. There were so many people around saying man, I would kill for that car. Then I said "Yea, they are very nice I just had to get one" then they go "O... Lucky!" anyone that threatens the Camaro and says it is a crap car prepare to be beat.

Not to mention the sound of it was very... Quiet yet loud. It was not to loud as to where it would be annoying but I dunno hard to describe. It was a subtle roar? I just feel lucky enough to see this in person. It was also red a burgendee red!?

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