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FS/FT: ASA AR9 19" w/ Spoke Inserts

Hi, I'm reverting my car back to stock and have been selling parts left and right trying to get it there! The last part on my list is the wheels!

Anyways, I'm looking to TRADE with a $$ on your end for stock wheels.

These are ASA AR9 19" Wheels, they have multi colored spoke inserts (Red, carbon fiber, and chrome) so you can change the look if you want (you can also put none). I have a VR Camaro so I have the red spoke inserts on. It is machined with a black accent. These have the stock 19" perelli tires on them with about 12k miles.

Anyways if your interested shoot me a pm or reply here. If you have the 18" wheels (the silver ones), then I want $525 + your wheels/tires to do the swap, if you have the 19" ones, then $450 + your wheels/tires, and if you have the 20" ones, then $350 + your wheels/tires.

It's ideal if you are local. Makes it easier than shipping.

Feel free to make me an offer. If no bites by the second week of December I'm just going to trade in as-is

Here on Tirerack.

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