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Hell yeah I'm Guilty.....
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.. Afterwards, a simple photo shoot with your Z28 and the Sunoco Camaro, pics with the team, autographs pics and a chance to open track after the race with Matt Bell or Jeff Bucknum coaching in shotgun... That would be fun...

I would say put me down for $1500 for the Pit Pass, Pics of my Z28 w/the Sunoco with John Handcocks from crew and drivers on the pics and an open track with Matt/Jeff shotgun crew chief...

Hell those guys do that now...we hung with them at Limerock...the WHOLE team treated us like we were the owners... They even signed Motorheads Dash trim...if that wasnt enough they asked for our autographs and put that trim in the #9 car and raced with it.

On topic I would have to say this: I would like to watch my car be built, see it get to the end and then drive it out the doors to the transport area.
Realistic and do-able...

Haveing every worker sign every car would be to time consuming, free trips...too costly. Build your own car would be to intrusive to the workers..its $40,000 if I build it and $60,000 if you help....and the insurance liability..OMG!!!

A little fantasy I would like to see : A Z/28 Lemans Blue Convertible with
Black/Tan or Black/ Wht Leather Interior OR a C.O.P.O LS-9 supercharged.....basic vinyl interior (no rear seat) and A/C delete, 6 speed stick and 3.91 rear gears.
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