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That is NOT the 5-4 record I'm talking about, I could not care less about your record this season we all have good and bad years. You need to dig a little deeper or maybe I should say higher to figure out what I'm talking about.
Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
If looking at our 5-4 record helps the pain for all the losing times to us for so many years over the last decade then Nebraska fans can take what they can get to help with the pain and through the harsh cold winter.

We Texan's want to Thank Nebraska for all the money they brought to our Confrence and into our university we enjoied taking it after every win now its time once again for another Big 12 champion A$$ Whoopin from your long Time historic southern friends the Sooners.

As I very rarely say this GO SPOONERS Huck the CornFuskers

Not only will you lose to "US" a sorry 5-4 Team in your own backyard ( again this year ) you will get the $hit kicked out of you by a long time rival then pointed in the direction by a one finger salute. Maybe not by Oklahoma Fans but by the Texas Fans since you will once again be playing in our backyard ( Cowboy Stadium ) just as you are giving more money to Our state and economy

oh wait its Jerry Jones you are giving money to

OU 38
Nebraska 17

I used to think Nebraska fans were the classiest Fans out there however they proved me wrong in person over the last two meetings.

I never thought I would honestly say Im ready to hear Boomer Spooner played over and over and over blahhhhhhh lol ok im not just win the Dam Game hahahaha
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