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When you(I mean us) glance upon this guy's article, one's first impression is that okay he is a journalist. He has to mention the good with the bad. Objectivity is supposed to be the name of the game. But then, you(I mean us) read another line, and another, and another, then it hits you. He's not a journalist, just a JERK! Sorry for my french. First of all, the most appealing thing about this new Camaro is its zeal! This car screams to those whoever sought appeal in old school, retro, fast cars will come to appreciate the new Camaro when it hits the streets. Ford enthusiasts(including my best friend who almost convinced my to buy a 'Stang in '04) are intimidated by the influence this car will have to its perspective buyers. He posts these proposterous numbers in his column to what, make us cringe? maybe change out minds about getting behind the wheel of this masterpiece? Wow, good way to use the algebraic numbers pal. The reason the GTO failed, in my opinion, is basically beacuse of the look. It had a monster engine and sound to it, but the look was not enthusiastic of the conventional american muscle car look. It sounded like a "goat" but looked like a sheep. Anyway, my hands are getting tired. This Camaro is going to have people trading in their 2007 'stangs to become like us, ANXIOUS!
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