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I like the initial idea -- but also agree with the fact that Camaro owners don't quite have as much disposable income as Corvette owners do (all the time).

Perhaps a happy medium is required? I like the initial idea details and whats provided - but make it ala carte.

Provide HD photos of the car being built for 150-200. Provide a build sheet - in a hard plastic frame for another 100-200 (un-creased of course). Provide a video for an additional xx $.

Basically you could have an "entire" package or let people pick the things that would be most important to them and only pay for those "extras".

Just my .02$. For some of us - even though we might not have as much money as the Corvette owners (now im just speaking of me specifically) -- for the price the Camaro Z28 is more than likely GOING to be - shelling out an extra 1-2000.00 is kind of a "drop in the bucket".

but thats just me.

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