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Originally Posted by SEXYRED808 View Post
i have something for all of the hearing/reading impaired people on this forum and in this world. the title of this area is "vendor & seller review/ feedback/ & experiences" not "lets run ours mouths and add our own tainted opinions" without having any knowledge of the entire transaction from start to finish, nor evidence to go by. this is ridiculous.

i myself ordered an entire front end for my car, had my own concerns and still do, and have not gotten on this thread and bad-mouthed gary 1 time. i have paid in full, for almost 3 months now, and still don't have my front t2 splitter. i have spoken with gary on multiple occasions regarding this specific topic and he has been upfront with me the entire time. since i didn't like the outcome of having to wait so long, i called acs directly and spoke with joseph there on a few different occasions.

again, the FRONT T2 SPLITTER is in the works, being tested for durability/fitment/mounting concerns and will once again be released. its never been stated that it is no longer available.

i too do not like the looks of my front end without the splitter, but i'm not going to send my t2 bumper and new hood back, for what? am i gonna start over? hell no!!!!!

could gary refund you your money, of course he could have, but reality is, your just gonna have to send the money right back to him when he finally gets the splitter in. thats pointless. maybe if you handled it a little differently, instead of trying to strong arm the guy into taking back your entire purchase, maybe the result would have been a lot different.

lupe: little hostility left over from my other thread, but in response to your somewhat laid out comments and your broken pm's back and forth between you and gary, i noticed something just a little ironic. you were so quick to bash me about "my experience" with aac and try and correct me on how to read threads, but you yourself are just a little closed minded and obviously don't listen when people are talking before forming your own clouded opinion! "mr. business owner" example:

gary: the parts are in stock, should ship on this date, should be here on this date, etc.

maybe, just maybe, could those parts (BY RAZZI) be instock at razzi's warehous or carid and not at gary's? did you ask or just assume? i know that gary's customz sounds nothing like carid, but i know nothing right? hello, gary is the middle man, the sub-contractor, the go-to guy, and thats why the parts are ordered from him, not razzi. and as for "what you would do as a fellow business owner" thats all b.s., you can say whatever you want when you are not the one getting bashed. give your smoke a rest.

moving on: CALL ACS COMPOSITE @ (514) 828-1000 , ITS NOT HARD!!!

camaro5 members: how do i enlarge this phone number so its easier read?? i want it to be huge, haha

-interent thug, "so stupid"
Your post is condescending starting with the first paragraph. You along with everone else on this post has commented so "physician heal thy self". If the posts are indeed "vendor & seller review/ feedback/ & experiences" then WE as a group on this forum can post "Replies" as noted at the bottom of said posts. We can give advice based on our experiences, thats only fair. Comprende? This site is full of people interested in comparing notes on the C5 camaro. It's also an opportunity for people to make money, agree? It's a "question of balance" . It should also be an avenue to be able to voice ones opinion/vent and find common ground if a problem occurs with a transaction. "I am WRBear and I approve of this thread".

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