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Originally Posted by SEXYRED808 View Post
lupe: i see the point that you're trying to get across, but your wrong and your examples don't nearly compare.

i'm not gonna even attempt to comment on your "mcdonalds" scenario, seeing how that is absolutely rediculous. as for your "dealership" scenario, if you order a car with specific items on it that you pay for and the vehicle comes in without those items, then you wouldn't take delivery if it, obviously the car was ordered wrong. try again!!!

how about this scenario, you order that same car from the dealership, and it arrives. it has the sunroof, but no chin spoiler. the dealership explains to you that the chin spoiler is on backorder, or gm is changing manufacturors for their ground effects, etc. whatever floats your boat. you then decide to take delivery of the vehicle anyway, seeing how the dealership gave you an invoice or i.o.u or due bill (you hopefully get the hint) still knowing that when the product is available the dealership still owes it to you. however long goes by, and your now impatient, but you were ok upfront. you post a thread on camaro5, and multpiple people are in the same boat for the same part, and even though you try to pass it off that you were told its not going to be made anymore, multiple people assure you that the part is still in production aong with providing you the companies info. so 6 months, 8 months, 1 yr goes by and now because you don't have it and even though you are still owed it, you want to bring the car back and expect the dealership to take the car back and give you all of your money back despite the mileage, damage, use, etc? how does that work?

you yourself claim to be self-employed and you practice better business habits than gary's customz, but can you tell me 100%, honestly, w/o any b.s., that you would refund the entire amount? no frickin way. save it for someone else.

once again, bottom line is that this area is for feedback by customers that were involved in "their" specific instances, commenting, letting others know for extra info incase they decide to go the same route in the future. definately not a spot for everyone to complain and say what they would or would not do, its crap!!!!!!!!!! or even complain about others typing in ALL CAPS.....

-e thug, out!!!!! "rediculous)
is this guy for real man WTF?
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