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I agree that dollar for dollar mod for mod in pretty much every way the new 5.0s and SS's, and 6 cyl's of both are equal in almost every way.

Cept stangs are FUGLY well that and I feel that the stang rims look like they came off a Kia econo box and the stock SS rims are the sexiest rims in existence.

I dont mind brands. I want the best overall value and looks. Ive had a 5.0 lx fox body T top mustang, a built Mitsubishi Evolution 8, honda and suzuki crotch rockets, Scion xB and a tC, F150 FX4 and Silverados.

Mods: LSR Sway Bars, LSR Short throw shifter, MPD1 spoiler, Heritage Grille, 5% Limo tint
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